We are travelers without a destination. We look for a place to survive, to escape, to forget. Sometimes we are driven out by war, by poverty, by injustice. Sometimes we are drawn by new opportunities, new horizons, new challenges. Sometimes we collide with hate, with indifference, with loneliness. Sometimes we give up, we settle, we adapt. But we never stop looking, because we know that at some point and in some place there is a story that changes everything for us. A story that hurts us. A story that we want to tell you. A story of hope. Sometime, Somewhere. Stories of immigration and opportunities. A film by Ricardo Preve. No human is illegal.


Ricardo Preve

Ricardo Eugenio Preve, born in Buenos Aires in 1957, is an Argentine filmmaker, photographer, and activist.

In 1976, Preve embarked on a remarkable journey, sailing in a small boat from Argentina to South Africa, enduring many hardships in the rough weather of the South Atlantic Ocean.This was followed by another journey on two other sailboats to Fort Lauderdale in the US, where he arrived in 1977 without a valid passport, and with no visa, little knowledge of English, and no money.

After graduating from Virginia Tech with degrees in Agronomy and Forestry in 1983, he worked in those fields until 2001, when he began a new career directing, producing, and screenwriting in film and television.

He has credits with National Geographic Television, Discovery Channel, Al Jazeera English, PBS, RAI, and many other networks for his documentaries on history, archeology, and anthropology.

He also created fiction feature films and television series in Argentina and Uruguay.

Preve has a long history of being an activist in social causes, particularly in the fight against the Chagas disease (with documentaries for the organization Doctors Without Borders). He also worked as a photographer for UNESCO, and donated part of this income for earthquake relief in Haiti, and to produce “Esperanza Means Hope”, a documentary about homeless children in the Dominican Republic.

His most recent documentaries have been independent productions which have won numerous awards at film festivals worldwide, and have aired on television, or had theatrical releases, in many countries. These include “The Patagonian Bones”, “Coming Home, and “From Sudan to Argentina”.

He is a member of the Directors’ Guild of Argentina, and of the Argentine Film Academy, and is a former member of the advisory board of the Virginia Film Festival.

He lives between Charlottesville, Virginia in the USA, and Buenos Aires in Argentina.




We are stories. Stories that are written sometime and somewhere. Emotions woven over time in a constant quest: to turn borders into horizons. I am Ricardo Preve and this is the podcast of “Sometime, Somewhere”, stories of immigration and hope.


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